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Google – how to make profit (advanced)

Google was founded in California in 1998 and now has annual revenue about $ 7 Billion, the company begun as research project by Larry page and Sergey Brin two Ph.D student at Standford University, they look start search engine our confess that website the most request and more important bougth even website, and work a hire ranking they wrote program set up, google search engine and it was immediately popular in part this isn’t because ranking policy but also it fast because the get home page simple with no picture, google services all not to long among huge computer but a progress by thousand a low cost promoted computer located around the world, the google search engine reserve a 1 billion search request per a day it is as much 80% in the market, but it how who coming in distance second, and google has statisified, on oktober 2006 google bought the popular online video site Youtube, for $1.65 billion dollars, but how its make some much money ? in 2000 google begun sell advertisement as associate with search keywords and coded adword, adwords as charge on the numbers hit take it and advertise conside how much he/she will must pay for each check, starting at 5 cent, there more advertise prepare pay for hit, they hired rankng page it goes.

Whats google strategy ? google revenue is base on advertising so it need more and more places to show its Ad to increase its revenue, google has been requiring properties but serve of revenue for retared, such as blogger and youtube, google has also pioned new offring to track audiences for it such as Gmail and google earth, but google knows but the reason but its Ad command a premium prices this ban Ad, its because google Ad have a customer attention, when someone is searching somethink the are interested in the Ad, well web service may not be so attention is more important then real estate, showing a displayed that’s not insure true costumer attention, true attention is relevan and the key to that kind of relevan is personalitation, that’s google strategy, personalaising the relevan by finding out more about everyone, google annalistic re put all activity on individual website, google check out knows what get sport, google website optimizer knows which variation of your marketing message work best, Gmail knows what customers say even a private it all time together with google account, but does this strategy have a problem ? the most deeply problem google will have, is big brother aspeck, base on privacy consince, google would have to be carefully not to lose public confidence if it choice do it expand in the future.


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